Our access to board certified acupunturist, Jason Winner, provides our practice with another tool for pain management, preventing disorders, and treating injuries of the foot and ankle.

"The purpose of acupuncture is to promote the flow of Chi and therefore good health. Blockage of Chi causes poor health and can take on different forms. Congestion causes pressure on nerves, obstructs blood and lyphatic flow and causes pain and immobility on the part as well as compromising vital internal organs such as heart, kidney, and liver. The object of acupunture is to decongest so Chi can flow in harmony throughout the affected part and the rest of the body." Jason Winner

Conditions that would benefit from acupuncture are as follows:

  • Pain Management (acute and chronic)
  • Post stroke syndrome, paralysis, leg weakness, post polio syndrome
  • Promotion of circulation in Raynauds phenomena and intermittent claudication
  • Leg cramps, tight muscles
  • Burning foot syndrome
  • Cold feet

To schedule an appointment directly with Jason Winner please call 610-834-9030.

To have your condition evaluated intially by Dr. Cohen please contact the office. 610-647-0400